It’s The 4th Of July

Like every other big holiday, the 4th of July is filled with memories.

I remember going to the parades.  I remember sitting on my grandmother’s front porch to watch the fireworks.  I remember the excitement I felt as a child lighting sparklers.  I still enjoy that, even though it has been decades since I have last lit a sparkler.

Fast forward to today.

Tomorrow is Independance Day.  America’s birthday.  Can’t tell you how old this great country is.  I didn’t keep on counting after the bi-centennial year.   I know, my bad.

Tomorrow, I will be working.  There will be no firework displays to enjoy, no sparklers to be lit.  I didn’t bother to buy any. And there will be no picnics in the mountains or at the park.

I can reflect though.  I know this country is going through a change.  I have never seen so much contention in my life.  At least, not since the Vietnam War era.  Any more, I don’t even like watching the news, but I also know I can’t stick my head in the sand and wait for it to be.  I am wise enough to know that it isn’t going to end any time soon.  For now, all I can do is sit, watch, pray,  and hope things turn out better and america remains great.

One thing I know for sure, tomorrow is a great day to cast aside political differences, disagreements, etc and celebrate the freedoms we still have, while staying safe.