About Me

This is basically my first post, with added information.  I know it’s the lazy way of doing things, but I figure it might seem confusing to have to different  stories of who I am, so I’m doing it this way.

Who am I?  I am an indie author who has finally found her writing niche, that being writing fantasy novels.  I am also a mom, a wife, a sister, and a friend.  I was born in raised in Colorado, but currently live in the great state of New Mexico.  I do work full time.  When I am not doing the usual life things, I can found seated at my desk penning fantastic fantasy novels set in places where only my imagination has gone, so far.  Hopefully one day I will be sharing excursions to those fantastic places.

I have been married twenty-five years this June (Yay Me).  Have one daughter who is living on her own, and two spoiled dogs.

I have an interest in paranormal things (fan of Ghost Adventures and other tv shows of the like), who would jump at the chance to do a real live paranormal investigation if such an opportunity were ever to be presented to me.  I love to read a good fantasy or romance novel, depending on the mood, and taking leisure walks.

I also love to travel, and thanks to my service in the U.S. Army was able to travel to Europe.  I have had a dream a better part of my life of traveling all over the world, but now that I am older, I don’t think that dream will come true, other than armchair travels via a blog, but I don’t know.  We’ll all have to just wait and see.

All I can say right now, is enjoy your visit here, bookmark or follow this site so you can wander back in here.

Have a great day.