It’s The 4th Of July

Like every other big holiday, the 4th of July is filled with memories.

I remember going to the parades.  I remember sitting on my grandmother’s front porch to watch the fireworks.  I remember the excitement I felt as a child lighting sparklers.  I still enjoy that, even though it has been decades since I have last lit a sparkler.

Fast forward to today.

Tomorrow is Independance Day.  America’s birthday.  Can’t tell you how old this great country is.  I didn’t keep on counting after the bi-centennial year.   I know, my bad.

Tomorrow, I will be working.  There will be no firework displays to enjoy, no sparklers to be lit.  I didn’t bother to buy any. And there will be no picnics in the mountains or at the park.

I can reflect though.  I know this country is going through a change.  I have never seen so much contention in my life.  At least, not since the Vietnam War era.  Any more, I don’t even like watching the news, but I also know I can’t stick my head in the sand and wait for it to be.  I am wise enough to know that it isn’t going to end any time soon.  For now, all I can do is sit, watch, pray,  and hope things turn out better and america remains great.

One thing I know for sure, tomorrow is a great day to cast aside political differences, disagreements, etc and celebrate the freedoms we still have, while staying safe.

My Vacation Bucket List

Summer seems to be the most popular time for people to plan and take vacations.  I suppose the reason for that is because school is out, the weather is ideal for fun in the sun, and it is easy to get off work.


There was a time in my life when I dreamt of traveling around the country, nomad style, stopping when and wherever I wanted, without a care in the world.  In my younger years, I dreamt of trekking it around hitchhiking, later it was on the back of a harley, and then in an RV.

Can you see how my dream has matured as it has lain on the shelf in my room of dreams?

These days, I am perfectly content to travel from the comfort of my living room.  You know, armchair travels.  I enjoy a good travel show.  And then there’s the internet and pinterest, where I can type in my destination of choice into the google box and go or I can pin my destination of choice on pinterest.

Where does my dream vacation take me, you ask.  Here are a few places I wouldn’t mind visiting for real:

  •  Alaska.  The last untamed piece of land in America.  If you want to rough it like they used to back in the day, there you go.  Wildlife.  Fishing.  Beauty of the wild.  It’s all there just waiting to be seen.  And it isn’t to hot in the summer.  I couldn’t live there though.  The days of darkness in the winter would drive me crazy.  But there are the northern lights, that I find fascinating.
  • Hawaii.  Think Alaska might be to cold and remote?  Don’t much care for the wildlife, fishing, or the beauty of the wild.  Then there is an island paradise waiting to be discovered.  Beaches.  Blue ocean water.  Lazy days of either swimming in the ocean, or sitting on the beach taking in the rays.   I have heard that there is snorkeling and big game fishing, as well.
  • Canadian Train. I saw on tv one time a train that goes from one end of Canada to the other, east to west or vice versa.  The beauty of the views from that train and the interesting stops along the way were quite fascinating.  I do believe I was fascinated by the idea of such an interesting foray into a foreign land so close to home, more than anything else, but my mind and memory was captivated enough that it has stayed with me long after the name of the show has become lost in memory.
  • Las Vegas.  It’s not like I can’t drive fifteen minutes and go to a casino.  It’s the idea of going to one of the gambling capitals in the world for a chance to win big.  But Vegas just doesn’t offer up a choice of gambling avenues.  There are shows and other things to do.  It comes down to this:  I want to go so I can say I’ve been there.
  • Paris.  During my service in the US Army, I was stationed in Germany.  My last month in Europe, I used up my leave time traveling all over the place, because I knew I wouldn’t be back.  My last weekend I had a trip to Paris planned.  I was leaving on a Tuesday or Wednesday and wanted to spend a few more days with the friends I had made there.  As luck would have it, the bus missed us, so I never made it to Paris.  But the dream lives on.
  • Japan.  I don’t know much about Japan, but I do know that the country is rich enough in history and culture that I want to visit and experience that history and culture in full living color.
  • Australia.  A place on the other side of the world in the southern hemisphere that I have only experienced on tv.  I’m not talking about Crocodile Dundee either.  I have watched enough nature and travel shows, that like Alaska, Australia has a wilderness beauty of a different sort worthy of my attention.

I enjoy making up bucket lists on different things.  Sometimes I don’t have a great deal of knowledge to talk much about my choices, but perhaps what little I do share will be enough for someone reading will be interested enough to research and perhaps visit and have a new experience all their own.

Until, next time, happy vacation.

Seven Reasons I Love Summer

Four seasons, each with unique reasons why a man or woman should love that one particular season.  I think it only appropriate I start this fun series with summer.

Not that it has anything to do with this being my favorite time of the year or anything….

It’s June.

June 21, was not only the longest day of the year, it was also the first day of summer.


Why do I love summer so much?  Here are seven reasons I think summer rocks:

  • You can be as lazy as you want without any guilt.  I think this applies more to those who are in school; our kids or grandkids.  As an adult, you can’t be as lazy as you were maybe able to get away during those school years of life. Many of my best childhood memories come from those lazy summer days when school was out.  As a mom, when my child was living through those school years, I was able to enjoy those summer breaks with her.
  • Hot days outdoors having fun.  During those cold days of winter, do you wish for the hot days of summer?  Ever wish to be outside because you’ve been locked up inside a warm house to long?  I have.  Many times.  With summer here, you get to be out of the house as much and as often as you like.
  • Vacation time.  Summer is by far the most favored time of year to vacation as a family.  The kids are out of school.  In most cases, the weather is perfect for travel, and you have more choices on where to go and what to do.
  • Experience nature. During the colder months, many animals follow a natural migration schedule and leave for other parts of the world when it is cold.  But come summer, those animals will have returned and settled back in, raised new babies, and have basically taken up residence and life as centuries of evolution has taught them to live.  All this makes for a perfect time for nature walks and other outdoor pursuits of this nature.
  • Gardens.  If you love to plant and grow things, then you have to love summer, because this is the time of year where gardens and fields are taken care of and nurtured.  Nothing is more exciting and fulfilling than watching your labor slowly pay off.  Toward the end of summer, you begin to look and plan for a bountiful harvest.
  • Longer days.  In the fall and winter, it isn’t uncommon to get home from work after dark, making one feel like the day is over with.  Got stuff to do outside.  Forget about it, because it is to dark to do anything.  Summer time, you have the luxury of the sun still being out when you get home from work, so you have time to do a bit of yard work in the evening or, even better, time to sit outside on the porch or patio and enjoy the coolest part of the day.
  • Sun And Rain.  I am one of those who love to watch it rain.  I also like to sit outside and watch lightening storms (from a safe distance, of course.)  I also like to watch the sunset and if I am up early enough, the sun rise.  Summer seems to bring out the best of both.

Summer is most definitely a good time of year for many things, a few I have listed.  Take full advantage of the warmer weather and longer days, because all to soon the days turn shorter and the weather turns colder and once again we all will be stuck inside watching the snow.

Enjoy the summer.

Dream Wide Awake

What is your dream?

Do you even have a dream?

Are you doing any and everything possible to see that dream fulfilled?

Or, do you need help fulfilling that dream?

If you have asked yourself any or all those questions, you have come to the right place.  I have a few dreams myself, and I am working at fulfilling those dreams, one dream at a time.  Come with me as I share my experience….


Perhaps learn a thing or two along the way that may help you fulfill your own dreams.

Just remember….



The World Of Meow

If you haven’t noticed, I am a cat person.  I don’t currently own any cats, however, I am being held hostage by a couple of spoiled dogs.

Do I need to be rescued from my hostage situation?  No, unless you have some chocolate kisses on hand.

meowI also love summer.  I will post why one of these days soon.  But for now I will say that I love summer for all the obvious reasons and then some.

I have had had blogs over on Blogger for some time now.  But I  keep hearing about how wonderful WordPress is, so I thought I would give it a whirl over here.  So here I am.

What will this blog be about?  I will talk about different things, but mostly, about life as an empty nester, life in general, married life, parenting, and writing.

Do I expect people to actually read my drivel?  I certainly hope so.

Who am I?  I am an indie author who has finally found her writing niche, that being writing fantasy novels.  I am also a mom, a wife, a sister, and a friend.  I live in the great state of New Mexico.  I do work full time.  When I am not doing the usual life things, I can found seated at my desk penning fantastic fantasy novels set in places where only my imagination has gone, so far.  Hopefully one day I will be sharing excursions to those fantastic places.

I have been married twenty-five years this June (Yay Me).  Have one daughter who is living on her own, and two spoiled dogs.

I have an interest in paranormal things (fan of Ghost Adventures and other tv shows of the like), love to read a good fantasy or romance novel, depending on the mood, and taking leisure walks.

I guess that covers it all for the first post, so…..

Let the adventure begin.